My passion for photography is inherited. I never asked for it, yet somehow it found me, through my blood, through memories.

Ever since I can remember my father was in heart a photographer. He always had his camera with him, ready to snap a picture of anything he considered worthy. He was the official photographer at any family event and gatherings of many kind. I remember the stories of his dark room, which he set up in an improvised storage closet at my grandmother’s house. He spent his first ever salary on his camera, and 20 years later I did the same.

Everything I knew about photography I learned from my father, he is my mentor and my idol, for me it seemed that he knew everything there was to know about the lights, the lenses, the focal length, the aperture, the speed and what not. At first it seemed impossible that I will be able to learn it too, then that feeling gradually disappeared. I started knowing more and more, and the more I knew, the more I liked it.

I was almost born with a camera in my hand, ready to snap the moment. I can’t really remember the first picture I ever made, so imagine my enthusiasm and joy when after 16 years I finally was able to afford my first ever camera. I will never forget it, a Canon PowerShot A580. I am sure the creators of that machine were not prepared for the amount of pictures this small thing was going to take. In less than 2 years, I had over 20K photos, most of them portraits and “moment pictures”.

Later on I switched to a slightly bigger Nikon, with which I was not impressed (but you know how it’s said: Born with Canon, will never go Nikon, and vise-versa). Than after some time I went back to Canon, and I lllllllove it.

What more can I say? Photography had been my passion since childhood, I have a 10+ years professional background in this, but have been making photos for more than 15 years now. My pictures are personal, I try and capture the real you on the portraits, the you, who is commissioning me to take these pictures, the you, who has a soul, a personality, a story.

Don’t believe me? Meet me for a coffee and see it for yourself or in the meanwhile yoy can check out my portfolio here.